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5 Healthy Ways To Recover Quickly From Facelift Surgery

A facelift procedure can restore a more youthful appearance to the face, helping to restore skin elasticity, while mitigating jowls and deep smile lines. The facelift surgery is popular in London – yet it’s one of the more natural procedures once healed. The best way to be prepared is to become familiar with the surgery, the medical team, and your expectations. When it comes to bruising and swelling, here are some natural ways to recover quickly.

Facelift Surgery London: Natural Methods for Recovery

Prepare your body for surgery.

Candidates tend to focus on post-surgery treatment to mitigate swelling and bruising. In reality, the best way to prevent these side effects is by being proactive. The healthier you are before your facelift procedure, the speedier recovery will be.

A healthy BMI will ensure that results are consistent throughout the healing process. If you know that you are going to make an overhaul of your diet and lifestyle, then it is essential to reach that goal before obtaining a facelift. Non-smokers with a healthier BMI and average blood pressure levels not only enjoy consistent results, but they’ll heal faster with fewer complications.

Wholesome foods do matter.

Any invasive procedure can result in some swelling and bruising – including facelifts. Thankfully there are natural ingredients that you can consume before your surgery and post-operation to expedite overall rehabilitation.

Bromelain is a type of enzyme naturally found in pineapple and its juice, with properties that allow it to reduce inflammation and swelling, especially swelling around the nasal area. Quercetin is an antioxidant derived from fruits and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Apples, red onions, citrus, and most leafy vegetables tend to have concentrations of the flavonoid.

Self-treatment and self-care.

Any treatment that will relax you will help mitigate complications. Follow the “R.I.C.E” method – which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Take all the time you need to rest until you are comfortable resuming your social life. Wrap ice packets in towels and lightly compress it in areas on your face that may have swelling, which will typically be incision sites and in the nasal area.

Do not smoke.

Smoking restricts the blood vessels around your face, which will prevent the facelift procedure from properly healing. Additionally, the action of withdrawing smoke from a cigarette strains the already stressed skin, leading to severe complications.

Supplements before and after the facelift procedure.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B vitamins, and trace minerals, all support healing. These vitamins and minerals rebuild collagen, supports the immune system and the enzymatic function, and can help with tissue repair. Avoid Vitamin E since it is associated with increased bleeding – take note that this is not to be confused with topical vitamin E preparations that are recommended to be applied post-operation.

Get in contact with your family physician or dietitian before your facelift procedure to make sure that you aren’t taking any supplements that can adversely interact with medication or the healing process.


Facelift Surgery London

How Much Does Full Body and Face Lift Cost in London?

Facelift and Body lift surgeries are difficult patient decisions that require experience, expertise and professionalism from your medical provider to help decide if these procedures are right for you. A facelift is a cosmetic surgery designed to enhance the look of our patients and provide them with a more youthful and rejuvenated outlook on life. They feel confident after recovering from our surgical procedures and walk around London confidently, showing off their new look. Body lift patients feel also like a new person after our procedure transforms their bodies and finally feel rewards them for all the months and years of hard work, exercise and commitment to losing weight.

Body lifts are a total transformational type of plastic surgery that is highly effective in tightening the loose skin that our patients are forced to live with after extreme weight loss. Our patients come to London Plastic Surgery Clinic to remove excess skin, fat, and other tissues that stay with their bodies after the weight loss. We offer upper, mid-section and lower body lifts to remove the excess skin depending on its location. Each patient that walks into our London clinic asks how much this service will cost. The truth is every patient experience is a unique one here at London Plastic Surgery Clinic. We custom evaluate your needs and goals to develop surgery and procedure options that keep priorities in mind and costs competitive. Call and talk to us about the look you want to achieve. We produce outstanding results, leaving our patients proud of their new bodies. Any surgery is serious and should always be entrusted to a highly skilled professional team that puts patient care ahead of profit.

Our London patients come to use for facelifts because age has loosened their skin, causing it to sag in places that make us feel older and less confident. The facelift procedures here at London Plastic Surgery Clinic are customized solutions tailored to enhancing the positive features of your face while minimizing the damaging effect ageing can have on our state of mind and confidence. Call us to find out which procedure may be right for you. Facelifts can be performed with varying degrees of evasiveness depending on patient needs and ultimate goals. The most commonly performed facelift that suit patients well is the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) lift and the deep plane facelift. These are the most comprehensive and evasive options we have but are the most effective in enhancing the look of our patients. Other less invasive surgeries performed at London Plastic Surgery Clinic are the short scar facelift and endoscopic facelift.

Face lift Surgery London

London is one of the best places you can have your facelift or body lift procedure performed. However, the choices of doctors that are as qualified and experienced as London Plastic Surgery Clinic are scarce. We provide the best level of patient care and remain committed to our patients long after they leave the surgery room. We stand by our work and truly love our role in transforming the lives of our patients, enhancing their sense of confidence and improving their outlook on life. Find out more and schedule a consultation. The new you is well within your reach. Find out how and call us today.